Welcome to the P.U.S.D's iVisions Employee Self Service Web Portal

Once logged into our site you will have the ability to view and manage many elements of employee information, including your employee profile, benefits enrollment, pay stubs, tax withholding information (W-4), and more. Information is available 24/7 via the secure iVisions Portal.

For any questions please contact:

  • Jackie Francis, H.R. Technician                            (928) 725-2115
  • Iovina Begay, Payroll Technician                           (928) 725-2111
  • Jonathan J. Allen, Business Manager                   (928) 725-2110  
  • Bernice Shone, Assistant Business Manager       (928) 725-2182  
  • Farrah Slim, Chief Technology Officer                  (928) 725-2192


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